Simlab offers geotechnical services and executes services required by the Civil Engineering and Building Industry, and has well equipped laboratories at its disposal, staffed by highly experienced personnel in the field of geotechnical services, soil mechanics, concrete, asphalt technology, chemical and water tests. Read more


Since its inception Simlab has been involved with numerous major projects across the country and carried out field investigations for projects ranging from buildings, bridges, water treatment works and township developments to roads requiring rehabilitation.

Material Surveys

Borrow pit / rock (quarry) surveys, centre-line material surveys…read more

Geotechnical Services

Surveys for urban development, buildings and structures…read more

Laboratory Services

Material testing, concrete designs and testing, asphalt designs and testing…read more

Pavement design for roads and streets

Axle mass and traffic surveys, investigations for alternative pavement designs and….read more

Pavement management systems

Visual and condition surveys.

Application of special techniques

Dust reducing, low cost surface layers, techniques and agents to make…read more

Water Division

Simlab – Water Division was established on 1 April 2012 as part of Simlab Kimberley….read more

Recent Projects

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